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10/02/2022Shaun Armstrong Justification: The Central Doctrine of the Christian Faith (Sermon 2022-10-02 am.mp3)
Sunday Morning Romans 4:22-25
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09/25/2022Shaun Armstrong The Nature of Justifying Faith (Sermon 2022-09-25 am.mp3)
Sunday Morning Romans 4:17-21
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09/18/2022Shaun Armstrong The Guarantee of Our Inheritance (Sermon 2022-09-18 am.mp3)
Sunday Morning Romans 4:13-16
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09/11/2022Shaun Armstrong Children of Abraham By Faith Alone (Sermon 2022-09-11 am.mp3)
Sunday Morning Romans 4:9-12
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09/04/2022Shaun Armstrong Guard Your Heart (Sermon 2022-09-04 am.mp3)
Sunday Morning Proverbs 4:23
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08/28/2022Shaun Armstrong The Happiness of Forgiveness (Sermon 2022-08-28 am.mp3)
Sunday Morning Romans 4:6-8
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